Abandoned walkers are bad signs.

Ok, so this didn't exactly happen while I was driving, but it happened while I was trying to get to my car to start driving to one of my school sites, so hopefully it's allowable- it's just too crazy not to share.

So.... I went to leave my office to get into my car at about 2:30pm. As I opened the first door (I have an inside normal door and an outside security screen type door) I could see through the security door a walker on the sidewalk right in front of my office. Not a baby walker, but an old person walker. No one is by it. I thought this to be very odd. I was concerned that an old person had maybe been kidnapped or fallen over or something. So, as I start to open the security door, I see the owner of the walker. Guess what he is doing? He is standing right next to my office door, PEEING in the daisy bushes. Did he seem alarmed that someone was coming out right next to him? Not in the slightest. He may not have been alarmed, but I was. So, I shut the office door and stayed inside until I heard the shuffle shuffle skid of an old man and his walker heading back down the sidewalk from whence he came.


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  1. how cute ! he probably has a prostate problem.....


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