Disappointment, thy name is Buck.

So, as I was leaving Bakersfield, heading back to good ole' Fresno today, I couldn't help but mull over a particular disappointment in my head. In Bakersfield, there is a place called Buck Owens Crystal Palace. Now, if I am not mistaken, Buck Owens is an old fogey type major player in the original country music scene. So, he has this place in Bakersfield, kind of a monument, entertainment halls, restaurant combo place. With the name being Buck Owens Crystal Palace, I'm thinking, wow, this place must be pretty dang cool looking! Crystal Palace leads me to picture something sorta of like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, all gleamy and sparkling.

However, how disappointing is it when you discover that in reality, the "Crystal Palace" is neither a palace, nor is it crystal.

Other notables from today's travels:
1. AT&T's cell service is so far superior on highway 99 to TMobile's.
2. I got to avoid all of the Valeros today, Good, Stripper and Full Service, I filled up ahead of time in Fresno, yay me :-)
3. No matter how many times I try to go to the Costco in Bakersfield to buy snacks for students, it will NOT be located on California Avenue, it will STILL be located on Rosedale Highway. Getting off on California Avenue is not helpful.

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