Absenteeism and Technology...

So, I know it has been awhile since I last blogged. I do apologize, for if anyone actually finds this blog interesting (a. thanks, b. you're lying... ;-)) I do appreciate you noticing my absence. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing some tech issues. Before, I was taking pictures with my Nokia phone, then using a USB cable to upload them. My new ATT phone does not plug in to my computer... go figure. So I haven't been able to share photos with you from the road. (Yes, I have a camera, but for some reason I never have it with me in the car and by the time I get it all set up, well, I have driven by whatever it is I wanted to show you). My work phone is a Blackberry, and I can take a picture with that, email it to myself and download the image. So this was my plan. However.... our Blackberries are having issues, and I can't email from it right now... sigh. So all this to say, I haven't blogged because I haven't been able to post pictures, and I feel like without a picture you may think I am so lame as to make up the silly things I find worthy of commenting on, haha.

So for now, you will have to settle for this thought:
Yesterday, I stopped to get gas at the "Good Valero" which is right by the Earli-Mart. I have taken several pictures of the Earli-Mart to show you now, but alas, cannot upload them. Grr. But what is sooooo great about the Earli-Mart is that it is one of VERY few buildings in the town of.... yup....Earlimart. It is the Earlimart Earli-Mart. Now really, was there honestly no better name to choose for one of the maybe two businesses in the area? It's like, meh, the town is so small, no one cares, so we don't care either. I wonder, maybe passers through would think Earlimart was a cooler place if the Earli-Mart had a cooler, intriguing name. Although, in my Saturday morning need to clean my house stupor, the only name I can think of is Really-Cool-Name Mart.

That being said, I am going to be a further hypocrite-point out the flaws in others which I have not fixed myself.... I hate when streets are simply names numbers. Avenue 3, Avenue 45, Road 12, Road 145,657. Honestly, is there no better name for these streets? I think it's kind of sad and depressing. Heck, give me a pen and paper on a non-I-gotta-clean-my-entire-house-in-5-hours kind of day and I PROMISE I can think of something better than Avenue 12.

As soon as I figure out my issues, I will post a picture of the Earli-Mart for you! Promise. I couldn't make this stuff up!

Meanwhile, I will grace the screen with a picture of my kid. I swear, he's really cute.

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  1. Earli-mart...hmm. It is creative, such a play on words. nice.
    I like street names you don't want to say, for example: Vagedees


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