I've been Costcoed.

Yes, I am a Costco club member. Yes, I have been for sometime. Yes, I have purchased things there before, BUT it is only recently that I have been Costcoed.

Living in an apartment, it's hard to really be Costcoed. Buying in bulk just isn't practical. You have teeny cabinets that barely fit the basics at times, you don't have a garage, your fridge is little and your freezer is too.

But then, someday, you find someway to buy your own place. It's no castle, but to you, it may as well be. It's yours, slow toilets, a fish pond, 1980's faucets, pretty see-through glass cabinets, the good and the bad, it's yours. And now you have a pantry. And your own normal sized fridge (and freezer!). And then, you "get it".

I now understand the beauty of Costco. I bought meat today. Ground beef, 5 lbs for $11, chicken, 6 lbs for $15- all boneless and skinless and individually wrapped. I bought vegetable spring rolls. They cook fast and they are pretty good for you! I bought the Chinese chicken salad kit- you know the one I'm talking about. It makes two family sized salads, contains everything but the lettuce? Yep, that's the one. I bought bread two, the two loaves of Pugilese bread. My mother in law buys it two. She slices it and broils it with butter- it's heaven. I wanted to copy her. Yes, I will gladly admit to copying my mother in law. And now I can tempt my bread-and-butter-craving-pregnant friend to come visit me more.

As I walked out of Costco, I took it all in. The people all clamoring around the plain old picnic tables to eat a delicious hot dog with a soda for $2, not caring that the atmosphere was lacking- they just got a good deal. Probably several. As I walked out the door and laughed at the fact that I can in fact buy my ground beef, my hot dog and soda and even my pink casket all in one place, I smiled to myself and realized I am truly Costcoed. I love Costco. I am one of them.

And now I don't have to buy anymore meat for over a month! Yippee!

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