4 hours there, 5 hours back.

This week, I traveled to Mission Viejo, CA for a work retreat. We had productive meetings and some fun too. It's nice to see my co-workers, as it doesn't happen often, and it's nice to feel a part of something larger. (I am the only full time staffer in Fresno). Drive time to Mission Viejo on Wednesday was exactly 4 hours (and that included a brief pit stop/dinner break off of Laval Rd.- they have a new In and Out there :-)). On my way home however, the trip took 5 hours and 15 minutes. Why is it the trip back home is always longer? Is it because you want to be home so badly? While I was gone, my poor sweet husband and son both caught a bug, and I felt really bad for not being there to help take care of them. And to top it off, the power went out due to an equipment malfunction for three hours and it was 102 outside :-( My poor family.

I am so happy to be back home.

I am going to indulge in one of my favorite at home pleasures now.... I'm going to go peek in on my sweet sleeping son. Ah, such bliss.

Also, FUNDRAISER UPDATE: We were able to collect and donate $1,340 to Direct Relief to aid those affected by the Myanmar Cyclone! :-)

Here's a picture from the road. Yes it is a clear picture, yes, I was stuck in traffic. Boo.

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