Thank you Holly.

While browsing other blogs, I came across a post about a game, which has many names, but is a lot of fun! It's essentially a written/illustrated version of the game telephone. The way we played it: everyone started with a piece of paper, each person wrote a statement/sentence/phrase at the top of their page then passed it to their right. The next person illustrated the statement/sentence/phrase, folded the paper down so that the writing was no longer visible, only the illustration. Then they passed the page to their right again. The next person had to write a sentence to describe the illustration and so on and so on.

I actually made my in-laws play with me last night, and I had never seen drawings by either of them. It was so fun! (Thank you Holly for posting about this game.)

Just for you, here are a few of the pictures. I tried to crop the words out. What do YOU think the pictures are of???

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  1. okay the picture in the middle = disturbing. that's great.


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