Closing time

Tonight, I had to run to Target for a few odds and ends. Heck, when doesn't a person know of a few odds and ends they could go for at Target right? I had been working on some stuff for work, and I looked up and realized it was 9:35pm. Crap! Target closes in 25 min, gotta roll! So I drive there, walk briskly through the clothes section- wha... wait, what is this? 10 racks of clearance!!!!! Aw man! No time, no time..... Walk briskly past shoes, headed towards baby stuff to get some food and baby sized forks (for my son who no longer wants to eat without a fork) wait wait wait, shoes are on clearance too? Daaaaaaang it! No time, no time. "Target will be closing in ten minutes." NO!!!!! Race to baby section, grab baby forks, toddler meals, disgusting Gerber meat sticks (he likes 'em but I don't know why) haul bootie to shampoo, grab shampoo and conditioner, grab soap, grab hand soap, grab razors, head on out....... oh wait! Birthday card. Need a birthday card. Phew, ok, found a cute one. Keep going. On to the register. Must hurry, must hurry. Oooooh chocolate. Get chocolate? Don't get chocolate? Get chocolate? AAAH! Just get chocolate- time to GO!

At the register now, my turn, kind cashier is not the slightest bit rude at closing time. The lights dim, "Target is now closed."

Oh. Now I feel sad. Why do I feel so sad? Is it because of the clearance stuff I didn't get to dig through? Yes. That's probably it.

Man, I feel the same way I felt at Disneyland as a kid, "Attention guests, Disneyland will be closing in five minutes......." Noooooooooo!

Wait, Target and Disneyland are equatable now? What has my world come to? Really??? Why do I love Target so? Where does this obsession come from? Why are you so great Target? Thankfully, where Disneyland fails by being 4.5 hours away, Target will be waiting for me just down the way tomorrow.


  1. targets like that guy you thought was hot when you were younger. you know...the one that never gave you the time of day. yeah that's target. they really don't want to help, they hate when you come to them needing to return anything. and yet...we just keep coming back for more. sigh.

  2. That is SO true! Once again, Renderingrisch hits the nail on the head.


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