The problem with shopping.

Simple facts we should all know and recognize:

1. When you can afford to go shopping, you will find nothing you like.
2. When you can't afford to go shopping, you will find many things that you like.
3. When you are looking for capri pants, you will find cute shoes instead.
4. When you buy shoes instead of capri pants, you will not have capri pants to wear.
5. You should not buy shoes that don't match any of the clothes you own. Even if they are 50% off.
6. When you try to find clothes that match the shoes you bought instead of capri pants, you will not be able to find anything.
7. Someone should have told me this last week.

(I apologize for this shallow post, but maybe it will save someone from making a mistake :-))


  1. It's not shallow, actually it's totally relateable. Or maybe that just makes me shallow too! It's so true, No $ = tons of cute stuff everywhere. $ and a specific need = good luck!

  2. "The Husband"June 13, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    You forgot the last one:
    8) Regardless of the money situation, if something cute is found, it will be bought!



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