Friday Night is Date Night

The hubby and I are pretty good at observing weekly date night. Typically this falls on Friday night.

Here's us, leaving the house (Keegan looks shocked as to why we would ever want him to go to be babysat)

Tonight, we took our munchkin to my parent's house for a night of playing with the kitty, doggy and eating hamburgers and veggies while we headed off to Sierra Vista's new restaurant and entertainment area. Our goal was to try something new.

We ended up here:

While we were there, we decided that from now on, date nights that include just the two of us will involve a new restaurant every time. There will be no repeats. It's a chance to live on the edge, be adventurous, and pray that does not lead to food poisoning ;-) We said that if we liked a place, we'd return on an evening that we go out to eat with friends.

Unfortunately, we decided we would not likely eat at Sweet River Grill with friends.

Also, to the lady who stopped , set her purse down and proceeded to fix her hair (for 5 minutes!) in the reflection of the store window in the center of the mall fountain gathering area- you look silly. I'm sorry, but you do. That is what bathroom mirrors are for.


  1. If Greg and I did the whole eating at a new place here every date night, we'd have 1 date left...not counting gas stations. Small towns can have their draw backs.


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