I still don't like Wal Mart.

Ok, ok I admit it. Our finances are being a bit rocked lately by the rising costs of, well, EVERYTHING, the increase in food and diaper consumption a growing toddler brings, keeping up a home (no more calling the rental office to fix things and foot the bill) etc. etc.

Today, I broke down and went to Wal Mart for some cleaning products and staple items. My typical Sunday shopping trip is to Target and Vons. This week, I tried Wal Mart and Vons. I thought I would save some money and that it would be worth dealing with the typical Wal Mart scene.

Guess what? I was so wrong! Total was pretty much identical to my shopping at Target and Vons Sundays. Boo.

Why do I dislike Wal Mart so much? Oh let me count the ways...
1. Child bouncing and rolling on the store floor with a big rubber ball. I almost run her over with my cart because I didn't know she'd be on the floor around the corner of the display of toothpaste in the center aisle. Parents are nowhere to be found. Nor were they around when I saw her 4 other times in the store.
2. All bottles of laundry soap are covered in soap goo and dirt/dust. I just wanted a clean bottle. It's a big thing to ask, I know.
3. The woman berating the store clerk for Wal Mart's insensitivety towards her needs because they no longer carry her favorite type of sugar-free maple syrup. The kind they carry NOW has 5 calories more.
4. The unidentifiable goo I stepped in in the soda aisle.
5. The oh-so-friendly cashier who seemed positively annoyed she had to man her register and accept money from me for goods from her place of employment.
6. The 54,675 people who seem to think it is incredibly rude for me to also want to purchase something from the aisle that they have so carefully parked their cart horizontally across.
7. The three people who approached me asking for money on my way to my car.

Next Sunday will be my birthday. In celebration, I will return happily to Target.

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