My Kid Monday: God and Cheerios

I had two thoughts come to me this morning.

1. (Requires backstory: Yesterday I took Keegan with me to the grocery store. Upon loading my items into the trunk, I discovered I somehow had acquired three cheerios in my shirt. This morning Keegan launched a "spill-proof" HA! snack bowl across our bedroom into the bathroom hurtling cheerios all over the place) There are cheerios EVERYWHERE. Hmmm, cheerios are everywhere I turn. God is omni-present. God is everywhere just like cheerios. Therefore: If God were a breakfast cereal, he would definitely be cheerios.

2. Everyone who has a toddler should also have a dog. An indoor dog. It's better than vacumming 27,564 times a day.


  1. i so totally agree, i have a dogvacuum too!

  2. LOL I completely agree... I don't know what my kitchen would look like without my dogs, seeing as how at least one of my kids insists on throwing half their meal on the floor at some point during each and every day.


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