My Kid Monday: Lessons I learned this week

1. Dutch Brother's kid-sized smoothies are a hit with my son. However, they also contain green tea, which is caffeinated. Therefore the smoothies are not such a hit come naptime and hence they are not as much a hit with me as they are with my son. (The good news, at least he is sharing- see photographic proof below.)

2. Do NOT turn your back for a second- and no, it is apparently not safe to even attempt to go pee. Not with a 14 month old. Heeeeeeeere Lolly!


  1. I've been learning the hard way too. My girls don't get dessert on a regular basis, but every once in awhile. Anyways, i know have a better reason than health to avoid it. They don't go to bed, they're bouncing off the walls like they're on crack, and it drives me nuts!!

  2. thanks for the food/vaccine info...all this new stuff, and i feel like i'm always behind. and as soon as i think we have things figured out, it's time for it all to change again!


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