New cell phone laws in CA

Can I just say how much I dislike being required to use a hands-free headset in the car? I really dislike it. It was very weird to have my phone ring while driving to the office on Tuesday morning and reach for it, only to gasp and drop it back into my purse, realizing I would be a criminal for that action, whereas yesterday I was average joe commuter.

I have really small ears. Like, truly small. My Dad makes fun of me for them, saying "How do you even hear at all?" So, hands free sets are really uncomfortable to use. If you are struggling to understand my discomfort, try to get a tennis ball into your ear canal. Try repeatedly and then have a "relaxed" conversation. It's really not fun.

So, I finally broke down on Friday and bought a hands-free device for my work cell phone. They were sold out of the one for my personal cell, so I have been using speakerphone in the meantime. I tried on every bluetooth headset in the store, and the only one that didn't make me want to cry was the Alif Jawbone. A mere $119. Yeah, that's not happening.

Then, yesterday, we celebrated the 4th with family who happen to be in law enforcement here, and get this- who knew... it is illegal to make a call while driving and to handle the phone at all. It is also illegal to text while driving. And that is what is catching people off guard and making them REALLY mad when they are given a ticket. Basically, if you are driving and touch your handset at all, you could be ticketed. However, my Dad asked, "What if you are the passenger and you hold the cell phone up to the driver's ear?" Our law-enforcing family member thought momentarily and decided my Dad had in fact found a loop-hole. So, that's what you do. If you think you may need to make a call, always bring a friend, and make them dial and hold the phone to your ear. Or perhaps hire a personal cell phone assistant for your vehicle. Bosses, do not leave the office without your administrative assistants anymore, you'll need them in the car too! And I'm sure man hours are cheaper than a Jawbone right? Not.

So, yeah, I am not a fan of the new law personally.

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  1. A co-worker was stopped by the fuzz for skateboarding and texting.
    He was let off with a warning.


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