Slimdown Sunday: Slow but steady

I have continued to enjoy my new surge of motivation to increase the amount of physical activity that I am getting on a regular basis. This week, I worked out Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (twice today- one for the past week and one for the upcoming- that's fair right?). This morning, it was so nice outside (an unexpected blessing in Fresno in July!) that I took Keegan on an early morning walk through the neighborhood. We even had a light rain sprinkle! It was very nice. Keegan has been sick with Roseola (toddler virus, involved fairly high fever followed by a rash- not dangerous but still makes kids feel pretty miserable) and he's been very grumpy. I think the walk was a welcome relaxing activity for him. This evening while dinner baked in the oven, we walked to the park nearby and tried to cheer Keegan up with a swing and a slide ride. He was just too out of sorts though, and clung to us for dear life (highly unusual for him- Mr. Independent).

I'm finding the Wii Fit to be a great motivator as it gives me frequent feedback on my fitness achievements and shortcomings. I highly recommend it to Wii owners or potential Wii owners. (Yes, Vic- you should buy a Wii before you buy an Xbox!)

This evening as things wound down, Bran and I enjoyed a late dinner and happened upon a show about morbid obesity. It was a great way to dissuade myself from that second helping of baked ziti, that's for sure.

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  1. Vic/Stef please disregard the comment regarding console choice. Thank you.


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