Slimdown Sunday

The hubby and I are super excited because after a week and two days of calling all around town pretty much daily to try to track down a Wii Fit available for purchase in the entire county- we have obtained our very own electronic fitness trainer! (Yes, Brandon had to wait outside of Circuit City an hour an a half before it opened- but heck, that's nothing! He spent the night outside of Target in dead winter to get a Wii the day it came out.)

Now the Wii Fit is not very good at being "sensitive" to feelings. It was very matter of fact when it calculated my BMI and essentially told me that I am a fatty. Lol. In fact, my actual electronic character was changed from normal to chubby after the measurements were completed. Awesome. No really though it is awesome- a kick in the pants will help me stay on track with my goals to get into better shape. In my defense however, I did have a kid just 14 months ago- oh wait, yeah 14 months.... I guess that's not an excuse anymore!

But look how far down the ginormous path I previously traveled:

1 comment:

  1. You have done great! It takes time to get those lbs. off! So is the Wii really a good workout? Sounds fun!


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