Thoughtful Thursday: What do you think?

Two questions for you today, both were found in my backyard.

1. Here is a picture of our new dragonfly friend that hangs out around the pond. I've dubbed him Chocofly. But, today, I found myself wondering, is Chocofly merely Red with a tan? Did he change his appearance due to the extreme heat we are having? Is he getting crispy? I haven't seen Red lately at all, just Chocofly. What do you think?

2. Since we all know I have a black thumb (see this post if you need help remembering) I have a hard time trimming/removing plants that are living successfully in my care. Therefore, I have not trimmed the plants in our pond. Today however, I realized it has turned into a variatal jungle of sorts. Do you think I HAVE to trim it?

1 comment:

  1. I can confirm that Chocofly is actually a different dragonfly as I saw both him and Red partaking in some rather passionate dragonfly love making yesterday.


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