Thoughtful Thursday

The people that I work with a really cool. I enjoy all of them (when I get to see them- I am the only full timer in Fresno) even my boss. I bet not everyone can say they have a cool boss, so to this, I am appreciative.

Last week, we had a meeting (I on the speakerphone, my co-workers in Riverside) and our boss had us take this personality test. Normally, I find these to be kind of hokey because the results are so generalized they could apply to anyone (kind of like fortune cookies or "psychic" readings) but this quiz actually proved to be quite accurate, not only for me, but for my hubby too!

If you would like to try it, here is the link:

Once you have your results, check out this link to see how your career choices and behaviors relate to your type:

And go here to see how it relates to you as a lover, friend and parent:


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