Annoyances of the week

1. Schools who spend money on stupid things that make them LOOK fancy, but not on the things kids need most to LEARN.
2. You know how there are people who constantly say "I'm so fat" just to get compliments, I've discovered they are not NEARLY as annoying as people who constantly remind you how good looking they are. (I wish I had an eye-roley smiley face here!)
3. People who are assigned to customer service positions who can't even muster a hello.
4. My lack of ability to finish housework- I just don't want to.
5. Flakey people. I'm sure everyone is annoyed by this. I will speak this evil on your behalf too. If you SAY you're going to do something, and say you're going to do it MULTIPLE TIMES, stick to it.
6. The fact that where I live has air so bad we have to limit recess at school and health insurance companies don't even want to cover residents.
7. That I feel downright joyous to fill my gas tank for $3.95 a gallon.
8. All of the nipples to my kid's bottles have randomly disappeared. We had ten and now we have three. Where did they go?


  1. You might want to check the places you dog goes for the nipples. When Katie brought Toby here last week, Obi, my dog, walked up to me with a binky sticking out of his mouth- like a child.

  2. Can I add on to your customer service annoyance? How about when the person in CS can't understand English?

  3. Along the lines of #3--Ialways say thank you to those people, but I hate it when they EXPECT you to thank them for their service, but they fail to thank you for your patronage.
    Uciel is getting mad at the lack of quality customer service these days too


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