Another Day, Another Spider

I guess I should be used to this by now. I suppose maybe I should be grateful that I have a spider in my office, perhaps it is protecting me from the bugs I have never seen in my office (therefore was unable to appreciate a lack of) or maybe it's just to keep me on my toes, I don't know. But to be honest, the spider just inside the door of my office "surprise", well it's getting a bit old.

To date, I have had to Macgyver kill (you know, use whatever items you have around to squish a spider avoiding both feeling the crunch and getting too close?) 3 black widow spiders in this office. Yes, three. That is more than I previously killed in my life time (that number would be ZERO folks! I would run screaming for ANYONE else who could possibly save me).

So I ask you, as I really just don't know what to do.... should I:

a. Macgyver kill this spider, like those before it and hope perhaps THIS death is the one that "sends a message"

b. Leave the spider alone, hope it doesn't hide somewhere where I may end up touching it on accident tomorrow...

c. Call the building manager and tell him we need the bug guy.

Here's the latest suspect, not sure what species exactly...(sorry for crappy photo, I had to use my phone)


  1. You should make a video in a dark room wearing a mask with with the spider blindfolded and deliver your message while holding a phone book over the spiders head. That will send a message! Unless they send in the marines then you're screwed!

    Maybe just call the manager.

  2. I vote for calling the manager! ;)

    (And in the meantime... kill every spider you find there!)

  3. I'm with Diana. Call the manager, but continue with the spider euthenization until they do something about it.


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