Friday was not fabulous.

My day (in addition to the typical work biz)

1. Argue with the County of Fresno on the phone (I was completely polite and friendly, they were completely NOT) about how the word "exemption" makes a person think that they are "exempt" therefore off the hook.

So when you tell a tax payer their "exemption" was approved and that they owe NOTHING for the supplemental property tax that was due on August 31st- BUT THEN send them a bill on August 27th, stating $181 is due that Sunday- they get a little bit frustrated/mad/bitter.

Turns out an "exemption" gets your cost discounted by 39 bucks. Now, maybe I'm crazy, but doesn't that sound more like a discount? fee reduction? partial rebate? Something other than "exemption"???

2. Google Chat w/ Husband:
Husband: I need your height/weight and Keegan's and his SSN

Me: I don't know Keegan's SSN by heart, you'll have to look it up and please tell whoever wants to know my weight to suck it.

Husband: Dear Aetna, suck it.

Me: Why are we writing to Aetna?

Husband: We have to change insurance at work...

Conversation goes on... apparently, Brandon's employer informed him TODAY that our policy was no longer in effect as of Monday and that we would be switching from Blue Shield's PPO with $500 deductible, 80/20 coverage to Aetna's $3,000 deductible 80/20 MC plan. I know what PPO is, I know what HMO is, but MC? Um, mega crap comes to mind. $3,000 deductible? What's the point? Why even have insurance? If we have to pay $609 a month for this new plan, it's going to get really ugly. Really quick.


  1. I'm so sorry your day was a bit on the crappy side. MC...$3,000 deductible? Wow, that's insane. I'm not sure what MC is either...I may have to look into that for my own benefit. You know, in case someone tries to screw with us too.

  2. I'm so sorry hon! I am insurance illiterate, because we have Tricare, but I do know that a $3000 deductible is ridiculous.


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