Happy Dance!

My friend Jen lives in Charleston, South Carolina. That feels a million miles away. Kara, who is my San Diego friend and Jen are also friends, we all met on an online forum for new mamas. So far Jen and I have not been able to meet up in person BUT that is about to change! Kara and I are flying Jen out to CA for a visit in October!

Jen has three kiddos, two boys and a little girl, Sophia who was born on Keegan's due date! We're bringing Jen and Sophia out here to see us (poor Kara will have to drive up because there are no direct flights from S.D. to Fresno that would take less time than driving anyway- don't EVEN get me started on flight availability here....sigh).

Jen is an air force wife and has been caring for her brood sans hubby (who is training out of state for 6 weeks) and definitely needs a vacation!

Now I will be counting down the days until I can finally meet my friend who has been a confidant for over two years now. Yay! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

Jen and her family:


  1. oh I'm glad you got it worked out! That will be so fun.

  2. I'm sooooo excited!!! You guys are the BEST!

  3. Have fun!!! :) Think about me while you're all visiting!


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