Hippo Birdie To Me!

Thanks are due to my hubby, who threw me a great birthday bash filled with my most favorite folks (minus the Risch crew- who was missed greatly but caught by illness), delicious Bobby Salazar's food (I didn't have to cook!!! -plus- the food was so yummy!) home made Mojitos and my favorite games (Catch Phrase and the drawing game).

I can not think of a time in my life that I have had such wonderful friends. Seriously, they are amazing.

This is Natali's friend roll call. It will be sappy- but tough. It's my birthday still (for like two more hours, so I can do what I want, right?)

Michelle: You are generous, sweet, nurturing, mature and level headed. My partner in the most innocent of crimes- and I can always count on you.

Jenna: I can always count on you to inspire me by making things that seem so tough look easy. I can also trust you to give me an honest opinion- I appreciate that. You were at my door with a home cooked meal the very day I got put on bed rest. Thanks for being a loving friend.

Jules: You get me. I like that I don't have to explain a lot- because you just understand. You're a true kindred spirit. I'm so glad to have you back in the crew!

Stef: You remind me I'm not that old yet. You bring me great ideas, enthusiasm, and you motivate me to work out and take care of myself. Thanks for being the fun young one of the crew.

Nate: You are funny, thoughtful and fun to have devil's advocate discussions with. Thank you for making me cool CDs and replacing an entire collections worth when mine were stolen. You are a thoughtful giver.

Ant: Thanks for teaching me a thing about cooking (back when you actually did cook, hehe) and for always adding to the fun of our circle. I will always remember the BBQ's at the Barnetts- they are some of my fondest memories.

Jimmy: Thanks for laughing at my jokes and for remembering the best funny stories- so when we forget- you can help us out! Thanks for also helping me understand that there are SOME people out there that can eat 1,200 calorie milkshakes. Looking forward to hanging with you and the Mrs. so much more- hope you can come to the beach!

Vic: Thanks for trusting me to steal your wife and go to San Diego. You rock on Rock Band and in general. Be careful not to underestimate my cake decorating skills in the future though ;-)

Josh: Thanks for always being nice to our kid, speaking honestly and openly about life and for being a pal.

Krystin: Thanks for being my best mom bud, inspiring me to learn and grow, validating my feelings and going on walks with me! I look forward to years of hanging and watching our kids play and grow together.

Dave: Thanks for being the do-it-yourselfer that inspires me to make our house a home. Thanks for being good to the boys and showing us a good time- at the beach, your place or out for Italian :-)

Jen: Thanks for being my company on long car rides, even from another state! Thanks for letting me vent and trusting me enough to vent to. I love our chats. I can't wait for you to move to Fresno!!!

And, last, but so not least:
Thanks for being my best friend, my fellow parent (so not an easy role), and my biggest crush. I loved my birthday bash and I love you forever and always. Thank you so much! Team Forever.


  1. This is so sweet--if I were alone I would cry! ;)
    I need you to heelp me with the blogging thing

  2. Yum! I sure miss me some Bobby Salazars. Heck I miss any kind of Mexican food. Yum! Happy Birthday. H


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