I gotta bike for my birthday!

My in-laws decided to buy the hubby and I each beach cruiser bikes for our birthdays this year! I haven't had a bike since I was about 11, so I was really nervous I would not remember how to ride... they say you don't forget... but "they" haven't me ME. I am clutzy to a point that most average every day clutzes can only aspire to. But, to my surprise and relief, I actually can still ride a bike. I can't wait to take many a rides round the block! But... first we need to get either a bike seat or a trailer so Keegan can come along. I figure CPS yelling at me saying I can't go on bike rides while my son is asleep at home would put a damper on the fun anyway.

*I would never really leave my kiddo home alone, for the record ;-)

This is what my bike looks like:


  1. Cool! I haven't ridden a bike in years either. You guys will have lots of fun when you get a seat for K!

  2. that bike rocks. im a little jealous i think. i might find you and throw rocks at you im so jealous.


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