I'm fessing up!

So, here's something you might not know about me... I have a secret obsession. One that often controls my actions in restaurants and in the grocery store. I confess....

I have an extreme fondness for bacon. Yup. I am addicted to bacon.

It started when I was pregnant with Keegan. I craved bacon. Particularly bacon in things with bbq sauce, like a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.

Then, after I had Keegan, I still really wanted to eat a lot of bacon. I refrained often as we all know eating a lot of bacon is not good for a person.

When my fabulous bosses blessed us with an amazing trip to the Atlantis Resort last December, my co-workers and I enjoyed a bountiful breakfast buffet daily. It was not cheap- $25, but alas, it was the cheapest meal on the resort pretty much, and it was a beautiful buffet. The buffet included a smorgasbord of delicious things including (and most importantly) crispy bacon in large quantities. So, I ate bacon to my heart's content that week. I figured when was I going to get to go to the Bahamas again, and when was I going to have a bacon buffet opportunity as fabulous as this one again? So I went for it, whole hog. (Pun INtended)

This is the Water's Edge Buffet in Atlantis, it REALLY looks like that.

My roommate shared my zeal for bacon- which was good. I felt a little less odd being one of two with the same obsession.

Now, I am back in the states, not pregnant, yet I am still haunted by an overwhelming desire to enjoy bacon when I have the opportunity. I suppose there are worse habits. I don't eat paint chips or chew tobacco or smoke. But bacon is my guilty-confession-addiction.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


  1. I confess...as a child I used to steal bacon off peoples plates, I loved it that much. now it's smelly cheeses. ha.

  2. Gross! I like the occasional bacon w/ eggs. But that's it! The worst is when they wrap an amazing fillet with a piece of bacon. Why would I want my steak to taste like bacon?

  3. Go Joe!

    LoL... anyway, I too share your bacon obsession. I've been that way since I was a kid... my bro, sis and I would fight over the last piece. Even now if I cook it, I have to make an entire package just for Brian and I. I promse you it will all be gone before dinner. ;)

  4. SO have you seen the new Wendy's commercial? Are you excited? Bacon.....bacon....



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