It's the little things...

Sometimes it's the little things a person does that makes you think, ahhh, they're good peeps.

Kiddo's high chair has two little toy attachments. One is a plastic giraffe with rings that spin around it's neck (not the greatest because there is space between the rings, therefore space that can get gunky but it almost impossible to get un-gunky) and a plush frog with a tongue you can pull out (poor frog!) that makes the whole frog vibrate and shake. Now I ask you, why oh why Graco would you put a plush toy on a high chair tray? Do you know what happens in high chairs? Utter chaos and tornadoes of puree!

But, as I went to reattach the freshly washed tray for the 10,000th time, I came across the two toys, de-nastified, clean and ready to go. I know I didn't clean them, and kiddo sure didn't. They are such a pain in the you know what to clean. Hubby did. Thanks hubby.


  1. What a good guy! Can he give my hubby a few pointers?

  2. Sorry guys, as much as I'd like to take credit for this (as I have cleaned them in the past) I didn't this time. The thanks should be directed towards Mr. K's Noni (Nat's mom). ;)

  3. Well, more kudos to you Bran, since you didn't just take the credit for it!

  4. My apologies to my mommy- thank you mom! Thank you Bran for the other times you've cleaned them!


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