I've HAD it!!!!!!!!!

Everywhere I go, SPIDERS. Last night, in the kitchen, going for a glass of water- SPIDER. Have to smash it. Today, getting the mail, on my Babytalk magazine, SPIDER, gotta shake it off. Just NOW, coming into my office from a restroom break- SPIDERS. Yes, plural. And not just any spiders, black widow spiders. Two. Trying to come into my office and kill me. I took a picture for you (using the zoom feature, from FAR back) it's not the greatest, but the top one was easily 2 inches. The bottom one was more curled up as you could tell. They gave me the dirtiest looks.

I called the building owner this time. I couldn't take it anymore. I try not to be a pain in the you know what, but I'm fearing these spiders will cause me pain there soon... so I called. He is coming to spray and he's going to tell the exterminator that whatever they're doing isn't working. Meanwhile, I had to be damsel in distress. I could NOT kill 2! My office neighbor Tim, he smushed em up good. Thank God.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no more spiders today. I can't take it! The hubby's out of town and I have no one to smash for me at home...

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  1. I honestly think they're out to get you! That's insane!!! Black widows in your office ALL THE TIME! I would go crazy! I truly, honestly, from the very bottom of my heart, wish you the best, arachnophobia John Goodman-esque exterminator God ever put on this good green Earth- or at least the best they have in Fresno!



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