My Kid Monday: My little cassanova

So, my little guy apparently thinks he is quite the stud now. Last week, Adynn, my friend Stefanie's niece came to play with Keegan. Keegan must have thought she was awfully cute (well she is... he's got good taste) because he kept trying to kiss her! It was really funny. He kept pursing his lips and saying "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah!" Very cute.

Also, last night while celebrating my birthday with family at my mom and dad's place, I asked Keegan if he could walk to Mommy for her birthday, and lo and behold, he did! He walked across the living room right to me in front of everyone after being on a "walking strike" since he hurt himself about 3 weeks ago. YayKeegan! Now keep it up!


  1. yeah, we've heard that already...i think i'm ok with waiting a little longer though!
    and my email is

  2. It's so cute when little kids are kissing. I love it. And what a birthday present! Thats awesome!

  3. They are so adorable together!


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