An Ode to Target

I love Target. I love it a lot. If there is not a Target where you live, I am genuinely sorry. I will go for you if you like, just say the word.

Reasons I love Target:
1. They have clothes and home decorating items that look nice, but are in my budget
2. They have a snack bar (and it even has healthy options now too!)
3. Some Targets have a Starbucks right inside. I can get a latte AND shop in one place. Very cool.
4. Their check out lines are almost always short
5. It is fun to see how the people who work there find cool and funky ways to individualize their requisite red shirt/khaki pant uniform. For example, there is a checker at my "home Target" (one I go to most often) who has a red polo with a bunch of little skulls on it. I call him skull shirt guy. Very creative, I know.
6. It is fun to pretend like I'm some sort of secret holder because I know that the number in the top right hand corner of the clearance tags indicates how many times the price has been marked down (1 means it's the first markdown, 4 means it's probably not getting any cheaper, buy it now or let it go)
7. I can get many grocery items at Target cheaper than I can at the grocery store.
8. I like the pharmacy tech, Ana. She's nice.
9. You can return stuff at Target without a receipt as long as you used a card for the purchase- they can look it up.
10. Target does not make me feel stressed, dirty or angry like Wal Mart does.

Recently, I discovered something amazing. I was driving to the Modesto area, heading North on 99. I looked to my left, and lo and behold- a SUPER Target! I already think Target is super! This Super Target must be crazy super. On the way back from my meeting in Modesto, I had to peek in.

Here is the outside:

Their carts are funny- they are like plastic Duplo carts:

They have PRODUCE!:

They have meat!:

Super Target is in Atwater. I am so jealous of Atwaterians (is that what they would be called?)

Today, while I was driving home, I saw this truck.

I think my pulse may have briefly accelerated. Maybe they were bringing fun new things to my home Target :-)


  1. ha. first you are a secret holder b/c I had no idea about the corner number thing. I learn so much from your blog. second, I love ana too! And finally, I hate to admit it but there is one thing you failed to mention...the one downside to target: Their return counter.

  2. LoL... yes, Target is a wonderful place. I have to agree. I must also thank you for the clearance tag corner number... I did not know that either. And I can't believe you had never seen a Super Target!!! They are wonderful as well. Have you ever seen a Target Greatland??? It is in-between normal and Super, but still very nice. :)

  3. You're a dork.


  4. LOL! "This Super Target must be crazy super".

    @ renderingrisch: I agree about the return counter, and since its right next to the photo counter (run by the same people) boo to them too!

  5. I am with on your love for Target. And yes, Super Targets are the BEST! Don't have one out here though.

    Lucky you though, with your easy return system. I can only do 2 returns a year, even with a receipt or the card I put it on!


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