Perfect Movie Night

In our house, the perfect movie night includes:
Twizzlers (for Brandon- who can not explain why he likes them)
M&M's (to mix with the popcorn for the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors)
Cherry Coke Zero (a staple in our house at all times)

DVD's recently playing in Casa Carrera:
Heroes- Season Two
What Happens in Vegas

So, what are you watching and what are your snack choices?


  1. Tonight the plan is to watch "27 Dresses". I figure it's the perfect time for a chick flick while the hubby's gone. I'll probably have a bowl of ice cream and maybe some Amaretto & Coke. Who knows ;)

  2. Okay that popcorn looks bomb! (yes I used the word BOMB and I meant to)


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