Saturday morning with my son...

Today is Saturday, and Brandon (husband/dad type person) is in Las Vegas showing his lil' bro a good time in celebration of his 21st birthday. (The nice thing about my husband is "a good time" means enjoying a few complimentary adult beverages, gambling with a set, specified amount of money and playing video games in his hotel room that he booked specifically based on number of plasma televisions. I do not have to worry about strippers and other Vegas type temptation, my husband is one of the good guys. I am glad.)

Anyway, back to the subject...

With Brandon being out of town, I wanted to show Keegan a good time. Keegan decided yesterday that until his Dad came home, he was on a nap strike. Much to my surprise, this did not lead to sleeping in this morning. Oh well. So we got ready and headed out to enjoy a nice morning together. Our first stop was Dutch Brothers Coffee. I got an iced, non-fat dutch mocha and Keegan had a kids mango smoothie. Then we grabbed some cash at the ATM and headed for the Vineyard Farmers Market (Saturday mornings on Blackstone and Shaw- if you're local- check it out!). I LOVE the farmers market. It feels so very european in some ways- like the street markets I've seen photos of in the albums documenting my Noni's trips to Italy. You grab your pastry, your coffee and you enjoy friendly conversation with other fans-o-fruit and amiable vendors. There is always a line at the berry booth, and rightfully so. I. Martinez's berries are AMAZING. They are perfectly ripe. I can not resist getting at least 3 baskets of strawberries everytime I go. Today's finds also included "Flavor Grenade Pluots", 1/2 lb. of Butterscotch Toffee coffee beans, a pumpkin muffin to share with Keegan, and 4 ripe peaches for tonight's dessert. (My parents are coming over) I resisted my other two favorite Farmer's Market purchases: fresh flowers and an herb or seasoning plant for my kitchen windowsil. I had to save money for later in the morning.

Another interesting thing about the Farmer's Market is all of the "green people" it attracts. Everyone carries their reusable tote bags that state things like "My carbon footprint is smaller than yours." We all flock to support our local farmers and buy organic fruit at prices that are better than the grocery store from the people who poured their heart and hard-work into their produce.

The Vineyard Farmer's Market:

Fruit and veggie hat lady takes the market very seriously.

After the Farmer's Market, Keegan and I went to Sephora. I was out of a couple of things, AND since my birthday had just passed, my store club membership meant I was owed a free deluxe sample (LORAC eyeshadow today, woot!). On our way back to the car (after a quick browse-n-drool fest at Anthropologie) I am 99.9% sure I SAW BRITNEY SPEARS!

She was getting out of a car (A black Infiniti SUV) with another girl. They both wore hats, strapless sundresses (Britney's was brown) and giant sunglasses. Britney was carrying a HUGE purse (I could have sat in it)- tan leather. They were looking straight ahead and didn't seem to want to be bothered. The mall was pretty empty for a Saturday, so maybe that will happen... who knows. But I'm really sure it was her. I don't know why she'd want to come to OUR mall, but I figure maybe she keeps in touch with Kevin's family who lives here?

After the Spears excitement, Keegan and I went to Target. At Target, we played with several different toys (mainly different sized balls) and we ended up buying a big green ball (which cause tears when mom wouldn't let K throw it out of the cart to bounce around the crowded aisles for the 14th time).

The ball that caused the fit:

To wrap up the morning, we drove through for a Happy Meal (with 100% apple juice of course, lol, like that offsets the fries...) and I was proud to discover that Keegan is like me... he loves to dip in bbq sauce. Good call Keegan. Good call.

Hope you had fun this morning son!

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