Slimdown Sunday: Finally an update

So, let's just say things haven't exactly been going as I'd hoped as far as slimming down. I should have just said my goal was to GAIN weight. Then I could have said I was a success!

I hope that my failure is a thing of the past and I can soon look forward to a more fit version of myself. What's different you ask?


This is the newest member of the Carrera family and it has the power to make a dramatic impact on our lives. When we received the awesome bikes as a birthday gift, we were thrilled, however, as parents, there was a piece missing to our ability to enjoy the bikes... we could just ditch the kiddo! So, while Brandon was in Las Vegas, he played the craps tables for a bit and he kicked some casino booty! He came home with enough money to buy the bike trailer (and wanted to put the money towards it too!) and off he went to Target to pick it up. He put it together and hooked it up and off we went!

I know what you're thinking: you live in Fresno, wasn't it hot? Yes, yes it was. But we didn't care, because at least on a bike you've got wind in your face!

First we biked to Starbucks for a quick Sunday treat. Then we biked to Bran's parents house to show them the trailer and that we were putting the bikes to good use. Then we took a long route home. All in all we biked 5.27 miles. Wanna know how I know? I mapped our path :-) (I love the internet!)

It was by far the most fun workout ever. I could have easily kept going to, which is what is so cool. Finally something that is active and fun and that I have the equipment to do in my own neighborhood.


  1. I just had this conversation with D. That's awesome. I think that's the only form of real workout I would stick with! Hope you get addicted :)

  2. That is really fun! We have one of those too. I can't wait for my ife to slow down a bit and the weather to cool off. Maybe both will happen at the same time! Have fun!


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