Spiders and their abilities

My thoughts on spiders:

1. A spider that sees me has a sole driving purpose in life of biting me.
2. If a spider has pointy legs it is scarier than one that does not.
3. Black widows are purely evil.
4. A spider that sees me can jump, spin a web to float or rappel or run REALLY fast to get me.
5. If I step on a spider, I will likely hit it wrong and end up flipping it onto my foot or ankle where it will of course bite me.

Scale of spider scariness:
Daddy long legs: not very scary. I let them live typically unless they are in my house making a big webby mess. Occasionally I will suck them up with a vacuum hose, but for the most part, I'm not scared of them, so I don't bug 'em.

Jumping/Crab/Monkey spiders: not too scary. Unpredictable since they jump, but you can let 'em crawl around on your hand and they won't bite you.

Taratulas: scary because of their size, but, they're so big they're not going to sneak up on you, they don't move that fast and they do not have pointy legs.

White spiders that spin pretty webs: scary because their webs are sticky, so they make you think a black widow might be around.

Black Widows: scary beyond all reason.

Brown Widows: I just found out their bite is worse than a black widow's but they are less aggressive, so I will say they are also scary beyond all reason.

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