Please bear with me, this post is so completely random and ridiculous and I can admit that before I even finish typing.

But, I was thinking about bugs. I actually thought about bugs today and yesterday. Here is what I've been thinking:

(In the car on my lonely drive home from Bakersfield)
Why is it when a bug hits your windshield you don't have a RED spot? Do bugs not have red blood? I ask this in all seriousness.

(While watching a dragonfly dart into the air space at windshield level, and then no longer be seen)
Why in the heck, with all that free space they can buzz around through, do bugs continue to fly at car height? I mean, don't they see what happens to other bugs? With ALL of that space, why not just fly higher? And furthermore, how high can a bug fly anyway? Can some bugs fly higher than others? What limits their height flying capabilities? Atmospheric temperature decreases at high altitudes?

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I'm weird. I know.


  1. This too was "bugging" me XD. So I did the research (googled it).

    I know... I'm lame.


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