Carreras go camping

In case you were wondering why I haven't posted in the past couple of days (which you probably were not, as you probably have a life) the hubs and I and some of our most favorite folks went on an little camping adventure as a celebration for Bran's 20-something-odd birthday.

Myself, I am quite the camping rookie, thankfully, most of the others in my company were camping novices and experts.

We camped at Dinkey Creek Campgrounds and had a nice little campsite.

Best Moments Recapped:
-Girls winning Cranium
-Girls winning Taboo
-Killing the really big, annoying meat-bee
-Hanging out with great people
-The girls who thought our guys were camping without us girls, who walked all the way across the campgrounds to bring them some firewood, giggling
-Using sugar packets from 1996

Worst Moments Recapped:
-Being really cold
-Very loud inconsiderate girls at nearby campsite screaming at all hours
-Very loud man, screaming at and hitting his kid for entering the tent with shoes on
-Too many meat-bees
-Using sugar packets from 1996

Things I learned:
-It's really hard to get the chocolate to melt in a S'more
-Meat-bees don't give up and don't only go for meat
-Bears don't want to eat me, just my food

Here are some pictures from our adventure:


  1. Overall sounds like a fun experience. I have been wanting to camping lately. The closest we have come is camping in the Chick-fil-a parking lot. Not the same with out the s'mores!

  2. You forgot the strawberry lemonade cupcakes on your list! :)

    Thanks again for the great weekend babe!


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