A Dinner Un-extraordinary

So I wanted to let you know that as much as I enjoy cooking, my meals are not often the smashing success I hope they will be. Tonight, I made a new recipe that I had cut out from Real Simple magazine. It was for grilled honey bbq chicken and grilled corn salad. Now, I should note that I did not actually use the grill, I used the George Foreman grill, because sadly I am out of charcoal, oops! But, basically, I was supposed to skewer some chicken breast meat, salt and pepper it (with kosher salt of course, because fancy recipes are never happy with just good old salt salt) then grill it for a bit- then brush with a mixture of Worcestershire sauce, honey and ketchup.

For the corn "salad" (WHY is Real Simple so stuck on calling everything salad? Am I supposed to believe it is healthier? I'm lost on this one... if you can explain why this is a salad, please, I beg you, enlighten me!) I was supposed to grill corn on the cobb (I boiled it- again, no charcoal) and then I cut the corn off of the cobb and tossed with butter, salt (kosher, yes), pepper and two chopped scallions.

To finish off the meal, I broiled a little Trader Joe's Organic White Cheddar Garlic bread with butter. (Not-so-subliminal message: buy this bread, it's good!)

Let's see, upon discussion on our nightly bike ride, Bran and I agreed on the following:
1. The food LOOKED nice.
2. The bread was good, but we knew it would be, it's not something new.
3. The chicken just tasted like ketchup and why did it need to be skewered anyway?
4. My usual bbq chicken recipe is better.
5. Two scallions was totally overkill on the corn. One would have done it.
6. We STILL have no clue why that was corn "salad".
7. This meal does not need to be repeated anytime soon. However, this meal nourished our bodies and is unlikely to cause stomach problems, therefore, it's overall score is (and I quote the hubs here) "Two and a half out of five feathers."

Here is the good-looking, average-tasting food:

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