A bunch of crap parading as a blog post.

This week, I worked so many hours I couldn't sleep when I finally was able to fall into bed each night, because my mind was trying to make me work in my sleep too (does this ever happen to you?) so, you're going to have to bear with me on my blog post tonight (and forgive me for skipping two days too).

Here are some things I want to blabber on about.

  • My boss came to town on Saturday to run a training with me and some of my peeps. While she was there, I was able to show her a (small) black widow and prove I wasn't making this spider crap all up. She killed it for me with a black flip flop. She is awesome.
  • I can't make a slim down Sunday post, because, well, I seem to be in a very healthy "eat whatever the hell you want when you maybe find five minutes to do it" pattern. I have not ridden my bike in over a week, maybe even two, and it makes me very sad. It also makes that Queen song, "Bicycle" play in my head, over and over.
  • I really hate when stores post signs like "Three for $10" and I buy 3, and they say, oh, those aren't part of the sale. (Even though the are directly under the sign, and the label calls them the very thing that is on sale).
  • I am embarrassed that I ordered pizza from the pizza place on the corner and had it delivered. Worse yet, I didn't know that they now charge a delivery fee. Even worse, I didn't know that every article of clothing I own is now dirty because I had no time to do laundry- and I had to answer the door in my "fishy shorts". They are these really soft, guy's boxer shorts that I stole from my sister (where she got them from, I don't remember) that I have worn around the house for like 10 years.
  • I broke my pinky toe and have neither the time or desire to go to the doctor. So I am not going to. I broke it by running straight into a large decorative boulder in my front yard. I am SO smooth.
  • I went to Trader Joe's today, and forgot to use my reusable Trader Joe's grocery bags that I purchased in order to help reduce my carbon foot print. This is like the third time I forgot. Dang it.
  • This week, both my mom and my mother-in-law, on separate dates, forgot to put oil into the cakes they were baking for Brandon's birthday celebrations. What are the odds?
These are the fishy shorts.

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