I'm a dork.

So last night, was a momentous night, as it was the return of Heroes and the start of their third season! I was so excited and I LOVE when they do 2 hour premieres, yippee!

I guess I became a little to engrossed in the show though, because today, as I drove through Dutch Brothers for a little mocha happiness, I saw a guy in the parking lot who very closely resembled the evil Sylar from the show, and my heart kind of skipped a beat and I got scared for a second!

Yup. I'm a dork.
If you're a true fan, this picture's freaking you out a little right now too.


  1. AHH! Okay, good. I'm not the only one who imagines they see Sylar hangin around Fresno. He is just the creepiest guy ever!

    Loved the premier though! How I stayed up until 11, I have no idea, but it was worth it. :)

  2. You crack me up! I got so into the premier last night too, now I have all my predictions made for this season.


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