Like Mother, Like Son

On a recent trip to the park, something happened that actually really made me sad. Keegs was playing in the water as were several other youngsters. Moms and Dads were around, watching peacefully and making small talk. One mom, was talking more than the others, louder too. Only she was on her cell phone, talking through her hands free device.

The crowd started to thin some, and then it was just one other little boy and Keegs for awhile. The other boy was covered up in big clothing, a hat and big sunglasses (the sun is evil you know, and sunblock is a myth!- ok, sorry, that was uncalled for) and Keegs approached him a couple of times. Keegs isn't very boisterous around other children and doesn't bulldoze, he was just walking up to the boy. Every time he did, the boy put his hand out to Keegan, like a crossing guard would to cars, and said "Stop. Stop!"and did not want Keegs to be anywhere around him. It became apparent once the other children and parents left that this remaining child and the remaining mom, cell-phone mom, were together.

Now maybe this is just my defensive parent-gene kicking in, or maybe it's repressed feelings of rejection from kids of my own childhood but I couldn't help but think it sad that the mother had cut her self off from everyone in the park, including her son, by talking on the phone throughout the experience, and her son had followed suit. It made me sad.

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