Me and Sleep are fighting

I wish we weren't, but it's true.

I haven't slept well most of this week. Tuesday night's offender was whatever dust particle entered my husband's respiratory system and caused him to cough for three hours. However, at least it didn't wake HIM up. He seemed utterly confused when I got up and got him a glass of water. He confessed in the morning he had no clue he'd been coughing.

Wednesday night's sleep was destroyed by an odd dream that involved:
This guy, trying to "steal cable TV"from a vacation rental Brandon and I were staying in

And this guy, proclaiming his identity in the streets

And this chick, offering pot stickers and other strange things to my husband on the beach

Then, last night, hoping to catch back up, I actually had the least luck. The hubs stayed up late (as did I) but then the hubs was nice enough to still clean the kitchen (his self-assigned chore, thank you hubs) after I had long gone to bed (I went to bed at 11:50pm) what he didn't realize was his efforts pretty much negated my going to bed and trying to get some sleep. Our bedroom is above the kitchen and every pan movement, cabinet opening and water usage sounded like a freight train to me last night. Then, when he came to bed over an hour after I had gone to bed, he still did the whole lights on to brush the teeth thing. So, I finally am falling asleep, around, oh, 1:30am. Then, there were the sirens. They are VERY loud. We live fairly near to a fire station (good if your house is on fire, bad for siren proximity) and our bedroom window has a window AC unit that was installed by the former homeowners. We don't use it, but they installed it in such an unprofessional manner that there is literally a one inch square gap between window and the AC unit, therefore everything outside, sounds like it is happening RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD in bed. So, after the sirens stopped (multiple sirens, for long drags of time) the neighbor let his black lab out, who grunted a deep bark approximately once every 15 seconds throughout the rest of the night.

I'm off to find some coffee, I hope you have been sleeping well!


  1. In my defense, I used the bathroom light and barely cracked the door open so I could see and not spit my toothpaste into your makeup bag.

  2. LOL at Brandon not wanting to spit in your makeup bag. And my dear Natali, your dreams seem extremeley entertaining, yet very odd. I love you girl!

  3. I don't know how a night could be bad with Bob Saget swimming around in your head.


  4. Steve Zhaun...that's one funny dude. I hope you sleep well tonight. if not stop by tomorrow, my kids are sure to exhaust you enough that you'll sleep through anything :-)

  5. I am right there with ya! Next time you could text me--chances are I will be up as well and just as frustrated. Hope it gets better soon! ;-/

    But gotta give Chip kudos for cleaning on his own!


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