Props for Products: Things I Love

Best foundation I've ever used:
Truly lasts all day, if I didn't think it was gross I could just wear the same application for a full second day, because when I wake up it is STILL smooth. Not the cheapest, but make up comes out best when you start with smooth even skin. So scrimp on your eyeshadow and splurge on the foundation.

The Snack Trap:
Wonderful invention, great for the car or out and about. Keeps Cheerios from spilling everywhere (or raisins or cheese puffs or whatever) the kiddo can easily retrieve them to snack. Beautiful. Love it.

Great lotion:
I use this daily. Evens skin's texture, keeps skin from drying out for 24 hours and gives a nice but not orange or fake looking subtle tan. Not greasy or heavy at all, no unpleasant smell. Two thumbs way up.

Best sweet tooth tamer:
Tastes every bit as good as the real thing, with no calories. Beware, you must drink it straight out of the can, pouring it on ice seems to cause it to lose all of its bubbles. But straight from the can, it is awesome and delicious!

Best household helper:
Cleans up messes and kills germs everywhere but is safe and gentle and won't make the kiddo sick. Love it.

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