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Please forgive me for not having blogged for a couple of days... I have to confess, I was just too busy having fun to blog! Our beach vacation this year was sort of a bust- not very relaxing at all really. Vacationing with a toddler- while interesting and filled with new experiences- is not like any pre-kidded vacations. It's much more stressful.

I will have to say that the Labor Day 3-day weekend made up for it.

Friday evening included happy hour at BJ's (pizzas are half off- yum!) with our friends the Chapas, followed by watching "What Happens in Vegas" (not the greatest film of the century, but good for a Friday night laugh). Saturday brought pleasant weather and the opportunity to ride our bikes to Starbucks in the morning and enjoy a morning cup-o-joe. Saturday evening we had a "shindig" at our place in honor of visiting friend Tim.

Sunday morning, we got up, hopped on the bikes and rode 5 miles to Le Parisien for crepes and coffee with friends. That night brought a barbecue at the in-laws.

We wrapped up the weekend watching Fresno State kick some Rutgers booty with Stef and Vic and watching Heroes until midnight.

I will have to say, it was perhaps the most fun weekend I've had in a long time. Just non-stop goodness. I'm feeling happy and grateful.

So, that's where I've been, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

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