Slimdown Sunday: Singing praises of

I have used this website in the past to help me track my progress towards weight loss and fitness goals, however, it has recently been redone and I think it is even better. is a free website that allows users to track foods eaten and activities done to give you an overall idea of whether you are on track for your personal fitness goals.

With the food tracking, you enter what you ate into a daily chart either by selecting from pre-entered foods or if necessary, creating a custom food using the nutrition information found on your food item's packaging. Most foods are already in the search menu, making the tracking pretty easy. The website will break down where your calories are coming from on a pie chart (which is great for visual people like myself) and will also break down the nutrients in the food you are eating so you know what you need more of in your diet.

The activity tracker allows you to track approximate calories burned by just about any physical activity you can think of. Yesterday, for example, I was able to track bike riding, mopping and sweeping. It adds these calories burnt to the overall calories expended in a day based upon your lifestyle (set up when you create you account) and gives you a total calories burnt in a day number.

The site also allows you to track weight, weight goals, body measurements over time, mood over time and many other things.

Something that I think is so basic, but so useful to me is calorie balance graph. It's a simple graph that compares calories eaten to calories burned that day. So simple, but seeing that visually really helps me, because it's that simple for me to analyze whether or not I am contributing towards weightloss, weight gain or maintaining the status quo based upon my choices that day.

Here is yesterday's:
Average Daily Calorie Balance
Calories Eaten (1,878 calories)Calories Burned (2,783 calories)

I highly encourage anyone who is trying to lose weight or get in better shape or even just eat healthier to give this website a try.

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  1. This website sounds so cool. I think I might sign up and use it while I try to get back in shape...after the baby is born.


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