Thoughtful Thursday: Finally, SOMEONE is listening.

Recently, the hubs and I saw a spot on TV where a talking head on a white screen talks about all the smiley people on his insurance company's website. He says, "Who ARE these happy people?" and he wonders aloud what they have to do with his health insurance. It's a great commercial, we actually laughed out loud. I tried and tried to find it online to share with you, but so far, no luck (but I will keep trying).

But I feel I should give some props to Blue Shield. I looked around on their website (while searching for the commercial) and found that they have a whole bunch of talking heads of real people in CA expressing their frustrations with health insurance. The whole campaign is that Blue Shield is listening.

I'm no fool, I know this is all part of exceptional marketing, but I've got to admit, if there's a CHANCE they really are listening, and that they're going to do something... they'll have our business. Even if we have to leave employer sponsored coverage. What's the big deal anyway? We pay over $600 a month out of pocket for it. How much more could it be without the hub's work's help? I've looked into it, not much!

Recently we got uprooted from Blue Sheild to Wait-On-Hold-For-2-Hours-Even-When-You-Live-In-The-Same-City-As-Their-Call-Center (a.k.a. Aetna). And I've gotta say, I'm majorly bummed. Blue Shield processed and paid our claims in 2 days flat. You could call at anytime, I never waited on hold for more than a minute and their reps were friendly and helpful.

If you have the time, it'd be worth checking out what Blue Shield is doing.

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