A dilemma

Friday, while my guests were in town, I took them shopping at a popular shopping area. We went into a particular clothing store. I had actually mentioned to one of the sales women that I was looking forward to shopping with guests that would be visiting in the near future- and when we arrived at the store, she remembered me, and asked if these were my friends from out of town. She seemed friendly enough.

My two friends and I each had a stroller and our kid with us. The kids were not making a fuss, being loud, throwing things or anything that would frustrate the public. We politely went to the dressing room and took turns watching strollers and trying on clothes.

After a few moments, I began to look in my friend Jen's bag for a ziploc of pretzels she had brought along, to give a couple to Keegan. I couldn't find them and after a moment the sales woman walked in and said in a very polite sounding but obviously annoyed tone the following words: "Oh, are you looking for your pretzels? Yeah, they are gone. She (pointing to one of our kids accusingly) dropped them and now they are crushed everywhere. We are trying to clean up the mess." The mother of the "evil pretzel dropper" apologized for the mess. We went on with our trying on of clothes.

A few moments later, a woman, about 35-40 came into the dressing rooms, took one look at us with three strollers and literally uttered "ugh". Seriously, what the heck? Is there something disgusting about children just sitting, quietly in strollers? I am so confused. The sales woman said, "Don't worry, the first room on the right is available." (Motioning to the other side of the dressing room area). The 35-40 year old woman audibly sighed in relief.

Ok, SERIOUSLY is our city TRULY that disgusted by CHILDREN? This whole experience was so unnecessary.

So now, my dilemma. I shop at this particular store regularly. It is a store that caters to mom types who do not want to look like frumpy mom types. You'd think they'd like moms.

What do I do? Do I write to the manager about the woman being so unfriendly? (After the pretzel incident all of the salespeople in the store treated us as if we had the plague- and kept asking us if we were ready to check out) What if that woman was the manager? Do I stop shopping there even though I really like the clothes? Do I write the letter and keep shopping, knowing I may be the hated customer? What should I do?


  1. Oh my gosh, how incredibly rude! I have no idea what the right thing to do is, but I think I would definitely complain about the employees who gave you a hard time about the pretzels.

    Something similar happened at Elephant Bar to my husband's cousin and sister. They came in to eat with three sleeping babies and the manager refused to seat them. It was ridiculous and none of us have been back since!

  2. I'm a big fan of writing a letter of complaint! (I even asked Greg to write one about a rude Disneyland employee! It's supposed to be the happiest place on Earth!)
    You go to this store, give them your business, when you have MANY other possible places to choose from- it is their JOB to treat you nicely! If they blame it on just having a crappy day- TOUGH! We all have crappy days! There's no reason to take it out on someone else, especially a paying customer. They have no right or reason to treat a customer that, not only shops there often, but was also bringing them in ADDITIONAL business, like crap! If you go in there again, after writing the letter, and they treat you in a rude manner, go somewhere else. It's not worth fretting over. Besides, you always look stylish, and I'm sure it's not because of THAT store. You could probably make Kmart look good:)

    And if you do write a letter, write just like you wrote in your blog- you've been there many times, even bringing an out of town friend there, and you like it because it's a good place for a mom to shop and look stylish.

    Whew....I think I'm done.

  3. Oh- hopefully by now you know that cousin Jaymi is usually the anonymous one. Maybe I should get an account. It looks kinda stupid to sign in as anonymous and then always sign my name at the bottom.

  4. Thanks, I agree, I need to make a complaint. Thanks for backing me up!


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