I want a Super Target!!!

So, my love for Target is no secret, by any means, but my love for SUPER Target grew even more today. On my way back from meetings in Modesto, (about 1.5 hours North of where I live) I stopped by the Super Target in Atwater briefly to pick up a fridge pack of my vice (Cherry Coke Zero, yum yum and calorie free!) and found so many amazing things! (All in the ten minutes I allowed myself in the store).

The store is SO big, that even though there are a ton of cars in the parking lot, it doesn't feel crowded at all. And everything is stocked, and organized, it is so nice.

Anyway, the things I found that made me feel all happy inside were as follows:

The deli section has pre measured servings of healthy snacks for really cheap- like fresh veggies with low fat dip, honey wheat hard pretzels with peanut butter or pita chips with hummus- great for someone trying to live a healthier lifestyle like myself (and someone on a budget too- also like myself!).

The bakery had this amazing cinnamon swirl bread, and at only 100 calories a slice, with an aroma strong enough to make my whole living room smell amazing- I can not WAIT to eat some!

In the "One Spot" (dollar section) they had the cutest ribbon with fall themes, I bought a pack I thought I could use on invites or place markers since we're hosting Thanksgiving this year (only one dollar, yay!) AND my favorite find of the day- awesome The Office theme office supplies! (And yes, they were only a buck!) I couldn't resist buying Michael and Dwight magnets, a dry erase Shrute-buck memo board and a Dunder Mifflin post it pad. I can't wait to use the post-its. (I'm a nerd, I know- I don't try to deny it- so don't you give me grief!) :-)


  1. Yes I love those magnets. I saw them in Fresno and paced frantically trying to decide if I should or should wait. lol

  2. I've seen those "The Office" items at my Target and I always thought of you :)


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