Kudos to Starbucks

Ok, ok, I know giving kudos to Starbucks can be a controversial thing. "They shut down the private coffee shops!" "They don't give coffee to soldiers!" Yeah, yeah, I know...

But, I admittedly love my Starbucks.

I recently stopped to pick up a few drinks to bring to some folks I was meeting with- and I got to visit one of the coolest Starbucks around. (Located in Modesto, CA)

From the outside, it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary- but inside, it is one of the largest Starbucks around. It has lots of workspace for studying and working on a lap top, and lots of nice sunlight. Best of all, it has a public meeting room! I can use it for interviews and trainings and such! And they only charge $10 an hour, which saves a FORTUNE compared to other meeting facilities. Even better news? All proceeds from the meeting room benefit the Hutton House, a charitable organization benefiting children. Love it!

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  1. Just for the record, Starbucks doesn't give coffee to ANYBODY. But they did encourage their partners to donate their one pound a week to the soldiers. :)


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