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I don't like Wordless Wednesday anymore. I struggle to find something good to post. I hope it's ok with ya'll- but I'm going to change things around. I know it's a popular Wednesday blog theme but, heck, Wordless Wednesday was too. So I'm going to try out Works for Me Wednesday for awhile and see how it fits.

I totally blew past my 100th blog post, which is apparently a milestone for fledgling blogs... oops! I will do something cool for my 200th post to make up for it, promise :-)

I've ditched Fitday, which is what I was using previously to track my eating and exercising to try to lose weight. I fell off the health wagon really hard (I think I may have suffered a wagon fall concussion) over the past few weeks. Perhaps the 50-60 hour work weeks had something to do with it. However, I am back on the preverbial wagon and I'm using a new site-Spark People- it's stricter- giving me diet and fitness regimen guidelings so that I will make my goal. My goal is to lose 29lbs by January 18th- which means I need to lose two pounds a week. (Please don't do the math- just know my BMI is in the toilet and I feel like a marshmallow) The week of Christmas- well- I may take that off ;-) I LOVE me some Christmas goodies!

So yeah, I'm eating well- lots more veggies and fiber and all that good stuff. I even bought Tofu today- (there was an embarrasing incident involving me asking the produce "dudes" at Save Mart where it was in the store- only to discover it was RIGHT behind me- sigh) and I'm going to try to stir fry it for some healthy protein.

I did Whole Foods buffet stuff for lunch yesterday but soon discovered that that is EXHORBITANTLY expensive. My mom and I each filled plates with mostly salad and vegetables and it was $24 for our two plates and one bottle of water- yikes! For the price- I want a waiter, ya know?

I did my first strength training session yesterday and I did cardio too- and tonight I reunited with my friend bicycle. Thankfully, there were no hard feelings. I've gotta say, as much as I adore fall and the weather- I don't like how early it gets dark right now- I feel like I am losing so much of my day! I can't really bike after dinner unless I'm willing to do it in the dark. Blah. Time to buy some little dorky lights I guess!

So yeah. That's what has been going on with me. Sorry for the hiatus in posts- I'm working on being more consistent again, it's been a little crazy with work and visiting friends, but it should be evening back out soon :-)

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