WFM Wednesday: Bargain hunting!

As a member of the my-kid-grows-too-quick-I-am-not-rich club, I wanted to get some cute fall clothing for K, but without spending a lot of moolah. I pulled $40 out of the bank and challenged myself to stretch it as far as possible. I'm actually quite please with the result.

I went to two stores, The Children's Place (one of my favorite places for stuff for K) and Crazy 8 (a Gymboree affiliate).

For $40, I was able to buy:

Hooded zip-up sweatshirt: $7.50 reduced, plus 50% off the sale price
Two graphic tees, long sleeved: $5 on sale and $7.50
Plaid black and gray cargo pants: $6.00, reduced, plus 50% off the sale price
Three pairs of socks: $6.50 (regular price)
Two pairs of tennis shoes!: $7.50 each reduced, plus 50% off

I used a coupon for 20% off of my total purchase from the entertainment book at Crazy 8 and I used a mailer coupon for 15% off at The Children's Place.

It is so much fun to find great things at a great price!

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