Yes, you do look silly.

Ya know, I've been bugged by this for awhile now, but I need to just get it out there.

I think people who wear their blue tooth headsets everywhere look REALLY REALLY dumb.

There I said it. I try to be a nice person. I try not to judge others. I try to let each person do their own thing. But, blue-tooth-24/7-wearers, I'm calling you out.

Here are my concerns:
1. You look like you think that you are so important that people will call you constantly, every minute of the day.
Case in point: Last night, on the news, a woman was being asked for her comments on something, and she's wearing her headset on the news. Are you really SO important, (wearing your sweats) that you couldn't be bothered to be away from the phone long enough to be on the news?
2. You look like you're wanting someone to beam you back up to your space ship.
3. You think they are a status symbol or something. They're not. I swear.
4. You make the people around you feel like any phone call you'd get is more important than spending time with them.

Oh wait, these people probably aren't hearing me.... because I didn't CALL them on their cell phones. Oh well, I feel better now having said it :-)


  1. I agree!! My favorite is when bluetooth wearers are the only person in an aisle in the store and you hear them chatting away. I always think they're talking to themselves ;)

  2. I am right there with you on that one! What I think is funny is when my husband is wearing one and I don't realize that he is having a conversation with someone on the phone....and about 2 minutes have gone by with me talking back to him.

  3. i totally agree...those things drive me crazy. i refuse to buy one. talking while driving is not that important.


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