And with that, it was over

Election day is now coming to an end. I got out there and did my civic duty early this morning, taking my little dude with me. I intend to take him with me every single time I vote until he is old enough to vote, so that I set a good example for him. The election results may not have all swayed in the direction of my preference, but at least I had the privilege of making my voice heard. If nothing else, I am proud to see that our fellow Americans showed up to the polls (or the mailboxes) in record numbers. (And yes, I enjoyed my free coffee too- two cheers to the baristas who brewed all day long!)

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad you took Keegan with you! My parents did the same thing with me and my sister. I even remember going to school late one year to see Clinton's first inauguration. :)


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